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  Keep in mind, this design content is just the opinion of one surfer / shaper.

  Current Design Topics Collection of essays on surfboard design
Surfing and surfboard design are in constant change. And that's pretty cool. Every board we shape, every wave our boards ride, and every surfer we talk to offers input to move our designs and shapes forward. When we have the opportunity we will add our thoughts about surfing, design, and design features. Read more

  Surfboard Fundamentals
  What is a surfboard ?
  Nature and the Design Process
  Evolution of Surfboard Design

  Surfboard Anatomy
  Structural Anatomy of a Surfboard
  Surfboard Classes and Descriptions 2014
  Surfboard Classes and Descriptions 2019 - 2021
  Bottom Contours
  Foils / Profiles

  Theory of Volume
  Displacement, Volume and Surfboard Design
  The Zen of Computer Shaping
  Computer Shaping Tools

  Generating Speed and Power

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