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Surfboard Classes & Sub Classes 2021

Surfboards are designed for surfer and conditions. Surfers and conditions vary dramatically and accordingly surfboard designs are as diverse as the demography of surfers and the wide range of conditions surfers encounter in pursuit of their "magic moments."

Surfboard "classes" describe and categorize designs referencing design elements and how they function for surfer, surfer technique or style, and conditions.

In depth discussion of surfboards classes, designs, and Natural Curves models

Surfboard Classes and Sub Classes
Surfboards may be described in several primary classes and sub classes:

Class: Shortboards | Sub Classes: Double downs, Step downs, Shortboards, Step ups, Semi Guns, and Guns

Class: Mid Length | Egg Sub Classes: Speed Eggs, Rocket Eggs, and Stub Eggs

Class: Mid Length | Sub Classes: Mini Mals, Hybrids

Class: Longboards | Sub Classes: Classic LB, Contemporary LB, and Fun Gun LB

Class: Fish | Sub Classes: Classic Fish, Quad Fish, Rocket Fish

Class: Specialty Boards | Sub Classes: Retros, Single fins, Twin fins, and XX Volume boards

Class: SUPs | Sub Classes: SUP Flat water and SUP Wave

Class: Foil Boards | Sub Classes: Prone Foil and SUP Foil

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