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  Adam Replogle   Adam Replogle   Adam Replogle

  Kieran Horn   Kieran Horn   Kieran Horn

  Kieran Horn   Kieran Horn   Andrew Bashaw

  Augie   Augie   Rat Boy

  Chip Dorey   Chip Dorey   Chip Dorey

  Andy Orsini   Andy Orsini   Miguel Luna

  Zen del Rio   Zen del Rio   Zeb del Rio

  Slade Fester   Cola Lindman   Cola Lindman

  Rob Crampton   Billy Brewer   Billy Brewer

  Paul Wetterau   Paul Wetterau   Paul Wetterau

  Rob Yuen   Rob Yuen   Rob Yuen

  Scott Bass   Scott Bass   Brad Smallwood
  Matty Coletta   Matty Coletta   Kalu Coletta

  Steve Coletta   Steve Coletta   Steve Coletta

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  Surfing The Merlin   Surfing The Peregrine

  Surfer - Shaper Surfing   Buthy Surfing a Peregrine in Indo

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  The Merlin   The Peregrine
  The Redtail   The Wolf
  The Osprey   The Sea Eagle

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  Media Links

BrainWorks by Kyle Buthman
BrainWorks: Steve Coletta

Adventure Journal by Justin Housman
Steve Coletta used to be common in surf towns

US Blanks by David Scales
Santa Cruz Surfboard Shaper Steve Coletta

Surfline features
Shaper's Alley Santa Cruz
Meet Steve Coletta, 73 year old master craftsman

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