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  What is a surfboard ?

Ask 100 surfers - get 100 answers

  A surfboard is a device used by man to ride waves.

If you surf however, you know that a surfboard is more than it's physical description. Even if you don't surf you probably have an idea that a surfboard is a very special piece of equipment for a surfer.

"What is a surfboard ?" Surfers questioned included surfer / shapers, professional surfers, casual, recreational, and extreme surfers. Here are some of their replies:

"A surfboard is a tool connecting man and nature used by man to ride waves - a connection between man and nature."

"A surfboard is a device for homo sapiens to ride waves."

"A surfboard is anything you want it to be, even your belly. It's something you ride waves with. It could be an inflatable matt, your torso, a boat, a piece of wood, or a piece of foam."

"A surfboard is a craft - a tool - for accessing pure energy."

"A surfboard is a tool to have fun with. The more fun oriented the surfboard, the more the surfer wants to use it. A tool to happiness."

"A surfboard is a magic carpet. It's a device that taps a pure source of energy and yields a magic moment."

"A surfboard is not only something you ride waves with, it is a portal to a place of fun and solitude."

"A surfboard is a beautiful and marvelous synthesis of ideas and curves that links man with nature."

This simple question can have a wide range of answers. A surfboard is something unique yet similar to surfers both in a physical and metaphysical sense. Neither aspect of a surfboard can be ignored in the design process. A well designed surfboard should provide a transcendental and technical experience to the surfer. A well designed surfboard must be functionally relevant to the surfer and the surfing environment to achieve this goal.

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