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  A surfboard is a "foam sandwich" - a specific type of "structural sandwich."

It has a "low density core" and a "high density skin."

The low density cores are generally made of polyurethane foam or EPS foam.

The high density skins are generally a "matrix" of fiberglass and resin - either polyester resin or epoxy resin. Surfboards with polyurethane foam cores are generally glassed with polyester resin, but may be glassed with epoxy resin. EPS styrofoam is incompatable with polyester resin and is always glassed with epoxy resins.

The high density skins are reinforced by a "stringer" - generally wood in polyurethane foam and wood or PVC in EPS styrofoam - which keeps the skins from collapsing into the low density foam core.


  A - Foam core with stringer

B - Matrix of fiberglass and resin

C - Thin layer or multiple layers of resin to fill, level, and seal the surfboard

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