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  Welcome to Natural Curves Surfboards. We design, shape, and manufacture fantastic surfboards for everyone who surfs. Our passion for surfing began in 1959 with my first "Magic Moment" - gliding in trim along a small wave in Southern California. The same passion for shaping began in 1967 when I shaped my first board in my parents' garage.

The mid '60s was an era of spectacular growth in surfing and surfboard design. Surfing was in transition from gliding like a pelican on the updraft of clean ocean swells to high speed turns like a dolphin in, around, and through the power and pocket of waves. In the late '60s I was fortunate to cross paths with surfer designers George Greenough on The Ranch in Santa Barbara County and Mike Diffenderfer in San Diego County, Hawaii, and Southwest France. Greenough's innovative surfing on matts and "Velo" - his flex spoon kneeboard - was the foundation for modern surfing. Diff's designs - his rockers, outlines, foils, and rails - were the foundation of the modern shortboard.

A surf trip to Soutwest France in 1969 increased my fortune and magnified my passion for surfing, design, and shaping. We shared waves, surfboards, and magic moments with a hot new generation of surfers including Diff, Bob Cooper, Michel Barland, Jean Marie and Francois "Murphy" Lartigau, Jaques Albert, Miki Dora, Nat Young, Wayne Lynch, Gerry Lopez, Jeff Hakman and a handful of frothing young surfers from around the world. This crew was on the leading edge of the "Shortboard Revolution." The evolution of surfing and surfboard design was at full speed.

In 1971 I settled in wave rich Santa Cruz, California and founded Natural Curves Surfboards. Inspired by Greenough, Diff, and the shortboard revolution, it's been my passion to design and shape the finest and most relevant custom surfboards for every surfer searching for a quality surfboard.

Over the decades since that magical era we have surfed and worked to design, shape, and manufacture the finest surfboards possible. Surfers of all ages, skills, styles, and techniques have enjoyed the thrill of magic moments on our boards.

Thank you for sharing our passion for the great culture of surfing and great surfboards. We hope you enjoy your visit to the Natural Curves Surfboards web site.

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