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Board Selection Considerations & Components


A custom design takes into consideration all these components yielding a surfboard that matches a surfer’s skill level, experience, fitness, style & technique and the waves they ride. Please review and consider these components when selecting an appropriate surfboard design.

Skill Level

Professional - Exceptional
Advanced - Maniacal & Neurotic
Intermediate - Recreational
Novice - Developing
Beginner - Diving into the Rabbit Hole


10 years plus
5 to 10 years
2 to 5 years
1 year
less than 1 year

Frequency Surfing

Professional - Multiple times daily
Avid - Every day
On It - Several times per week
Weekend Warrior – On average once per week
Occasional - A few sessions once in a while

Fitness Level

Professional Surfing Fit
Surfing Fit
Somewhat Fit
Somewhat Out of Shape
Out of Shape

Surfing Venues & Size

Waves - user friendly to professional only conditions flat to double overhead
Waves - user friendly to challenging conditions 2 to 8 feet
Waves - user friendly to moderately challenging conditions 1 to 4 feet
Waves - user friendly conditions flat to 2 feet
XXL conditions

Surfing Style, Technique & Board Designs

Low Volume Shortboards and Specialty Boards
Moderate Volume Shortboards and Specialty Boards
Unique Specialty Boards
Mid Length Boards
Contemporary Performance Longboards
Classic Longboards
XXL Big Wave Boards

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