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The Peregrine RT combines Redtail speed box rocker and foil for acceleration, projection, speed and control with a Peregrine outline for lift and maneuverability. The speed box rocker, profile, and foil adopted from the Redtail offers maximum acceleration, projection, speed and control. The outline adopted from the Peregrine with the wide pulled back creates more surface area and curve from wide point to tail. The extra surface area and extra curve offer maneuverability with lift and release. The combination of these two primary design features creates a board that excels across the whole spectrum of waves and conditions. The Peregrine RT performs in any size waves from smaller to bigger, any conditions from marginal to powerful, and in soft to critical waves.


Rockers: Speed Box rocker is the primary rocker for the Peregrine RT. Continuous rocker for quality waves and Relaxed rocker for marginal or moderate waves work great for specific custom boards. Profiles: Moderate foil with sufficient volume throughout to support the surfer in marginal conditions yet foiled enough for complete control. Outlines: Round pin, squash, thumb, or swallow. Bottom Contours: Shallow vee in entry, moderate single concave begins between entry and wide point, reaches maximum depth near the leading edge of rail fins, and fading through the tail with optional single to double concave from wide point through the tail. The single has a little more lift and speed and the single to double has a little more control. Rails: Moderately full low box varying with surfer's size and technique - fuller rails for technique that generates greater displacement - thinner rails for a more light footed technique.

Peregrine RT Image
5' 10" x 18 7/8" x 2 3/8" x 28 Liters
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