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  Surfboard Design Links
* Surfboard Design Glossary and index of essays on fundamentals and theories.
* Surfboards Surfboard descriptions, photos, and sketches.
  Surfboard Anatomy | Text Version Excellent document about surfboards. Descriptive, non-commercial, and well seasoned with reflections of the surfboard's role in surfing history.
  Surfboard Anatomy | Flash Version Flash version of "Anatomy" with illustrations.

  Surfing History and Surf Culture
* Diff One of surfing's most influential surfer/shapers.
* George Greenough Pioneer of modern surfing and the Short Board Revolution.
* George Greenough Surfline feature on George Greenough.
  The Greening of the Blue Room "... the ultimate oxymoron," by Steve Pezman.
  Surfing for Life History of Surfing from Captain Cook to the present.
  Journalism and Webzines
  Pipe Masters 2001 Who's idea was this? Great satire by Bruce Jenkins on the cultural significance of the Pipe Masters
  Surfline Surfline's News Wire
  The Surfer's Journal The Surfer's Journal online
  Surfer Magazine Surfer Magazine online
  Surfing Magazine "SURFING the mag"
  Surf Art
  Chris Lundy Art.
  The Art of John Severson Surfer, artist, publisher.
  Surf Photography
  Patrick Trefz Surf Media & Photography from a refreshing perspective.
  Dave Nelson Liquid Imagery / Photos from the cutting edge of surf and skate and the lifestyle of these boardsports.

  Competitive Surfing
  ASP Pro surfing's World Championship Tour and World Qualifying Series. Men's and women's WCT and WQS ratings, schedules, results, and news.
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