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2021 Surfboard Designs Descriptions, illustrations, and photos of our designs
Natural Curves Surfboards offers a complete range of Surfboard Designs. Surfboards are designed for surfers and conditions. Surfers and conditions vary dramatically and accordingly surfboard designs are as diverse as the demography of surfers and the wide range of conditions surfers encounter in pursuit of their magic moments.

The vast variety of surfboard designs currently in use may be described by classes and models and by their relevance to surfer, venues, and conditions. Surfboard classes describe and categorize designs referencing design elements and how they function for surfer, surfer technique or style, and conditions. Natural Curves models are our designs for each class of boards.

Every surfboard and design is unique. Every class and every model can have custom variations. Custom application of design elements yields a functional surfboard for every surfer, their surfing, and the venues and conditions they surf.

Construction - Material Options Descriptions of construction options for our boards
  Natural Curves Surfboards offers boards in Poly and EPS / Epoxy construction. This feature describes construction options and details about blanks, stringers, resins, cloth, and fin systems.

  Board Selection Charts Guidelines for board dimensions
  These charts feature guidelines for dimensions for Shortboards, Heavy Water Boards, and Mid Length & XX Volume Boards for entry, intermediate, and expert surfers in small and medium size waves.

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