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Surfboards are designed for surfer and conditions. Surfers and conditions vary dramatically and accordingly surfboard designs are as diverse as the demography of surfers and the wide range of conditions surfers encounter in pursuit of their "magic moments." When designed for the surfer, venues, and conditions surfboards are relevant and functional.

The vast variety of surfboard designs currently in use may be described by "classes" and "models" and by their relevance to surfer, venues, and conditions. Surfboard "classes" describe and categorize designs referencing design elements and how they function for surfer, surfer technique or style, and conditions. "Natural Curves models" are our primary designs for each "class" of boards.

Every surfboard and design is unique. Every "class" and every "model" can have custom variations. Custom application of the elements of design yield a relevant and functional surfboard every surfer, their surfing, and the venues and conditions they surf.

Link: Brief description of surfboards classes and designs

Link: In depth description of surfboards classes and designs



[ Merlin ]
Double Down
  [ Peregrine ]
Step Down
  [ Redtail ]
Classic Shortboard

Heavy Water Boards

[ Wolf ]
Step Up
  [ Osprey ]
Semi Gun
  [ Sea Eagle ]
Big Wave Gun

Performance Plus Volume

[ Malolo ]
X Volume Performance
  [ Abalone ]
XX Volume Groveler
  [ Kestrel ]
XX Volume Shortboard


[ Speed Egg ]   [ Rocket Egg ]   [ Stub Egg ]


[ Classic Fish ]   [ Quad Fish ]   [ Rocket Fish ]

Specialty Boards

[ '69D ]   [ Retro Single Fin ]   [ Twin Fin ]


[ Classic LB ]   [ Performance LB ]   [ Makaha Fun Gun ]

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