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The Rocket Egg is the radical cousin of the Speed Egg. When RY, who inspired the original Speed Egg, was introduced to this design he said, "This board is so fast you'll have to register the design with NASA!" The Rocket Egg has moderately more curve in the outline than the Speed Egg, the nose and tail are pulled in a little, and there is a little more rocker throughout. Design options are 2 x 1, thruster, quad, or convertible. The bottom contours on 2 x 1 version are tri plane entry and wide point to optional panel vee or spiral vee through the tail. The thruster, quad, and convertible versions feature tri plane entry, tri plane wide point, to double concave spiral vee through the fin arrays and tail. This is another incredibly easy to ride, versatile, and rewarding design. It excels in beach, reef, and point breaks in marginal to perfect conditions and performs for surfers from novice to expert. The Rocket Egg is a perfect fit in every surfers' quiver and a joy to ride! Design features - Rocker: Low Continuous. Profile: Drawn out foil with notable volume. Outline: Round Pin. Bottom Contours: Vee or tri plane entry to tri plane wide point to panel vee wide point to tail. Shallow double concave spiral vee from wide point to tail is optional for more lively performance and feel. Rails: Moderately full rail with foiled rail profile for control for bigger surfers. Lower moderately thinner rail for smaller surfers.


Board Image
Dimensions: 7' 0" x 21 1/2" x 2 5/8" x 46 Liters

The Rocket Egg
Common dimensions
Length Width Thickness Volume
6' 10" 21" 2 1/4" 37 Liters
7' 0" 21 1/8" 2 3/8" 39 Liters
7' 2" 21 1/4" 2 1/2" 41 Liters
7' 4" 21 3/8" 2 5/8" 43 Liters
7' 6" 21 1/2" 2 3/4" 45 Liters
7' 8" 21 5/8" 2 7/8" 47 Liters

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