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The Quad Fish is a classic. It combines the traditional outline, rocker, bottom contours and rails of a Classic Fish and adds a dynamic dimension with the quad fin array. The quad fin array has great release and adds dimensions of speed and manuverability beyond the traditional keel fin on a Classic Fish. Design features - Rocker: Low Relaxed. Profile: Moderate foil with significant volume. Outline: Deep cut swallow. Bottom Contours: Vee or tri plane entry to tri plane wide point to panel vee wide point to tail. Or vee entry to single concave wide point to shallow double concave spiral vee from wide point to tail. Deck & Rails: Flat or crowned deck. Moderately full rail with foiled rail profile for control for bigger surfers. Lower moderately thinner rail for smaller surfers.


Board / Wire / CNC Images
Dimensions: 6' 0" x 21 1/4" x 2 3/4" x 42 Liters
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