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[ The '69D ]

Mike Diffenderfer was shaping some of the best boards in the world in the late '60s. This was an era of extreme development - a revolutiuon for surfing and surfboard design. Diff's shapes were innovative and well executed designs that opened up a cornocopia of progressive performance surfing. These designs raised the level of shaping and surfing beyond anything surfers had yet experienced. The '69D Series offers a portal back to that experience and pays tribute to Diff's skill set and body of work. Design features - Rocker: Low Relaxed. Profile: Moderate foil with adequate volume. Outline: Round Pin. Bottom Contours: Classic early single fin bottom featuring vee or tri plane entry to tri plane wide point to panel vee wide point to tail. Or classic early concave design featuring vee entry to single concave wide point fin and vee through the fin to the tail. Rails: The '69D was perhaps the first design featuring a neutral rail in the entry and wide point blending to a low hard edge in the tail. Moderately full rail with foiled rail profile for control for bigger surfers. Lower moderately thinner rail for smaller surfers.


Board Image
Dimensions: 7' 4" x 20" x 3" x 46 Liters

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